Our Global Patients in Focus Week

An activation of our enterprise-wide focus on patients

At Pfizer, we are committed to ensuring that the perspectives of patients are not only taken into consideration but embedded into every facet of our work to help people live longer, healthier lives. Our purpose is focused squarely on breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. From research and development to product access, we work hand in hand with patients, caregivers and patient advocacy groups, to meet their needs.

This year, we hosted our first ever global Patients in Focus, a week-long activation of our focus on the patient perspective. Under the theme “Patients are Our Why,” regional leaders from across the enterprise hosted more than 60 events designed to share patient and caregiver stories that build our understanding of the needs of all patients, bring colleagues together to discuss patient-centric design, and showcase impactful patient advocacy efforts across the company. Over 38,000 colleagues and 340 patient advocacy groups participated in Patients in Focus.

Four colleagues and patient advocacy group leaders seated side by side on stage for Patients in Focus Week event

Patient Advocates join Pfizer Taiwan colleagues during a local Patients in Focus Week town hall. Featured in the photo from left to right: Kevin Liu, Taiwan PAPC & MA Lead, Pfizer; Shu-Min Ting, Secretary General for Atopic Dermatitis patient advocacy group, Taiwan; Li-Ping Tsai, Chairperson for PWSA patient advocacy group, Taiwan and Hung-Lai Wu, Chairperson for Peritoneal Dialysis patient advocacy group, Taiwan. Not pictured: Cellina Yeh, Taiwan Country Manager, Pfizer.

From patient award ceremonies to patient storytelling initiatives and patient-focused mini-magazines, the week served as an opportunity to honor and celebrate the patient partners we work with year-round. Internally, the week also allowed colleagues to highlight best practices for engaging patients. For example, the Global Patient Advocacy Team hosted several live global symposia featuring patient advocacy leaders from across the organization, sharing their tips for successful patient-focused initiatives. The symposia also highlighted our coordination guidelines for engaging with patients and patient advocacy groups, designed to help colleagues align on shared priorities, activities, and funding, and enhance both the relationship with and the value we bring to our partners.

Graphic of text reading 60 global and local events hosted, 25 countries represented, and 38,000 Pfizer colleagues attended

In a live fireside chat with more than 200 patient advocacy groups and CEO Albert Bourla, Chief Medical Officer, Aida Habtezion shared the importance of delivering breakthroughs to all patients, regardless of their circumstances. Albert reiterated the need to strive for respectful, equitable, impactful, bidirectional, and culturally appropriate interactions with patients and patient advocacy organizations. “This is possible only when everyone at Pfizer recognizes the importance of patient advocacy and actively works to include patient voices, insights, and experiences in every facet of our work,” he said.